Devon Martinez Writes Podcast

The Image was created originally for Threedom Movement by Jake Roberts. 

The Devon Martinez Writes Podcast is about the stories I write. Both nonfiction and fiction. I like writing. I like talking. So, let’s see how successful the combination of the two are.


Podcast #1
Listen to Devon’s first podcast where he rambles about bullshit for a long time. What an annoying sack of shit.

Podcast #2
Don’t listen to this episode!

Podcast #3
Devon Martinez is a journalist who hates journalists, because he’s a narcissist who thinks he’s better than everyone else.

Podcast #4
Devon Martinez sucks yes I know, for his show tells me so.

Podcast #5
Devon Martinez doesn’t exist; he’s an existential mess.

Podcast #6
Coming soon…

The Next Six Podcasts