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Let’s Rejoice, Because It’s The Best Time To Be Alive

July 26, 2019

The mainstream media will have you believe that the world is falling apart; data analysis shows that life is getting better for the average person, but why are people in such a rush to prove the opposite is true? There is more push back against my podcast The Best Time To Be Alive, than on… Read More ›

Forgiveness: Let’s live in a society that treats everyone as human beings

Narcissism has plagued our society, and we normally see its effects through social media in the age of Instagram influencers. That hit of dopamine feels so good, so let’s try and reenact that feeling with another post and another post; it’s a drug and I can’t stop. But there is a different kind of narcissism… Read More ›

The Devon blog is back

The Devon blog is back with a vengeance. It’s been nine months since my last post, and there are no excuses for me not posting anything since the last time. The most important thing to know is that I am back. I’m ready to tell my story, share my opinion, and ponder on the world’s… Read More ›

The Best Time To Be Alive Episode 03: American Free Speech versus the World’s Free Speech

America is better at protecting free speech than the EU countries, and America’s northern Neighbor Canada. The restrictions that America has on freedom of speech is reasonable. Let’s not become unreasonable and destroy the one thing that makes us different from these other First World Countries. Here is my favorite Podcast so far. Episode 003… Read More ›

The Best Time To Be Alive Episode 002: Free Speech from a historical viewpoint, and why it’s so important today

  This week I explore Free Speech and the historical viewpoints that helped turn it into what we see it today. This was the ancient Greece Word that I couldn’t pronounce during the podcast: “parrhesia” means “free speech.” So here it is the podcast.

Silencing Alex Jones Only gives his ideas more power

Alex Jones’s entire business model has been dedicated on the idea that there is a globalist plot featuring world governmentsand corporations to silence the American people. His conspiracies dig even deeper into the idea of a global government take over called the New World Order. He claims that our government is behind several false flag… Read More ›

Where are the idiots?

Every time I’m in a room with a bunch of other people there is a scent of arrogance floating around in the room, and it doesn’t matter who I’m around. From when I worked in construction to when I worked in a restaurant; whenever I’m at school and when I helped on a political campaign…. Read More ›

Finding Truth in the Sea of Lies

Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook. This should be obvious and we all preach this belief, but do we actually live it? If one thing is for sure, people are hypocrites. We have a lot of beliefs, but we don’t always act out our beliefs. It’s like the Pastor getting up in front of… Read More ›

My First Podcast

Hello, I have a new podcast called The Best Time To Be Alive, because going against the Mainstream Media and talking heads from both sides who want to play this fantasy that the world has gotten worse, well it’s a lie. Things are getting better. In my first podcast which is down on the link… Read More ›

My Defense of Comedy: Why We Need to Protect Offensive Humor

Career ending tweets have become a thing in 2018. It began with Rosanne in May who wrote an offensive tweet toward Valerie Jarret a former Obama official comparing her looks to that of an ape.  In July, James Gunn the Guardians of the Galaxy director was discovered to have made jokes about rape and pedophilia… Read More ›