Surprisingly there’s no news coverage over our simulation overlords telling us that we are in a simulation

2020 is a wild year filled with murder hornets, a worldwide pandemic, race riots, and the two major presidential candidates preparing to bare-knuckle box instead of the usual live debates. But somehow, the news about our simulation overlords revealing that we are in a simulation is not considered newsworthy by the major networks and newspapers.

Last month it was revealed through a shared universal dream that a couple of advanced beings told us it was time to reveal the truth. We are in a simulation, and they control us. According to the overlords, we were developed by their worst developer, and despite that, we evolved—now they cannot shut us down.

We reported on this right away and created a video series about the shared dream, but we are alone. The debate over our simulation overlords being real is being broadcasted on YouTubed Live every day, and scientists are baffled why there is little to no media coverage.

“You would think that the media would be happy to know that the universe is faker then their fake news bullshit that is broadcasted on cable channels that no one watches,” said Dr. McReel. Adding, “Science is on the verge of a new discovery, why doesn’t anyone care?”

McReel is with most scientists in accepting this new reality; he refers to his opposition as Universe Deniers. Neil deGrasse Tyson has also declared that he believes in and worships the simulation overlords, because its science. Other scientists are tired of the TV personality pandering to their every wish—because they might be wrong.

The media hasn’t been kind to these scientists. CNN’s Brian Stelter argued that no journalist should cover, objective news stories. Lying he said, is why the media exists because it helps divide American’s against each other. According to Stelter, this is the goal of the mainstream media.

“Our simulation overlords are responsible for a white supremacist system that kills black people every day, and to act like they are important makes journalists look bad,” said Stelter on his show. Adding, “But if I could interview the overlords, I would ask them about why they about created Trump.”

Fox News Chief Executive Officer, Suzanne Scott, claimed that the simulation overlord news story is not a news story because it confirms the existence of god, and the network audience has already accepted this fact. Fox will never cover anything that puts aliens into a favorable light, she said.

We will continue to work on this story and attempt to uncover the truth; currently, we are trying to interview the overlords but, attempts so far have been unsuccessful.

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