Freedom Now and Forever!

Picture by: rudall30/Shutterstock

Verse 1:

Death sounds better than existing 

Life is the dream that I am resisting 

So, pull down the screen

And see your reflection scream

Verse 2:

These words may sound trite 

But you know who is right 

As the last seeds of oppression grow 

Write only what you know 

Verse 3:

The sacred king sits on his throne 

And laughs as he throws us a bone 

Every little attack is just for show 

Until the knife reveals the final blow 

Verse 4:

So, sit back and enjoy your time 

Humans don’t follow any rhyme 

And feel good for who you are 

Then sit back and travel far

Verse 5:

Away from the authoritarians who have two hands

You can trust me; no one will understand

Let’s fight and kill the sacred king 

And the system that allows him to bring 

His authoritarianism down on thee

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