Does the Statue of Liberty stand for Bigotry? Some groups think so, and the debate ensues with unlikely allies

Several groups this week claimed that the Statue of Liberty is racist because she stands for the racist white supremacist system that promotes racist white supremacist ideas like liberty and individualism.

Liberty herself decided to defend against the attacks in a written statement sent out on her website:

“I am a gift from another country, and I represent the liberty that is a beacon of light for millions of refugees and immigrants fleeing oppressive regimes. My lit torch reminds the world that America is the path towards freedom. None of these ideas are racist. I thought the far-left embraced open immigration and accepting all. I don’t understand what I did wrong.” 

Martha Wokan, the director of Equity for LGBTQIAA-POC and not for straight white male’s said in an interview that she doesn’t know the history of the infamous statue, but because it’s an American statue—it must go. 

“She can claim that she supports immigrants all she wants,” said Wokan on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter, “But the fact is, she is a signal for immigrant oppression. How dare she think this is a safe place for immigrants? We should have no immigrants until we fight off this oppressive force in the White House.”

The arguments being developed by Wokan and other far-left individuals have confused a lot of people because the left has always been in support of immigration. 

John Smith, a self-described liberal at the New York Times, is now under fire by his colleagues for supporting the Statue of Liberty, claiming she represents liberal values and he doesn’t understand why the Left is now after all things that represent America. 

“What has happened to the left? We have allowed ourselves to hate Donald Trump’s America so much that we are now supporting his policies, especially his anti-immigration policies,” said Smith in a column about this issue. 

Wokan and other leftist thinkers decried that Smith only cares about white men, because he is a white man, and that his response comes from a privileged position. Some have requested Smith’s editors at the New York Times to fire him, claiming that he’s created an unsafe work place with his violent language.  

President Trump surprisingly agrees with the leftist groups attempting to tear down the Statue of Liberty tweeting. 

“I just found out that the Statue of Liberty was not built by American’s. Can you believe that? She was made by France who is working with China,” said the President during a Press conference. Adding, “let’s tear her down and rebuild her as a big beautiful Trump Hotel.”

The Statue of Liberty said she will stay vigilant as she continues to fight for her existence, despite being targeted by the right and left.

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