City Council Member lectures citizens on the dangers of cannabis legalization while sipping a bottle of Jack Daniels

A Colorado Springs city council member allegedly showed up drunk to a hearing today and lectured the public on the dangers of cannabis.

City council member Don Korman ran through the door 30 minutes into the hearing with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his right hand. He ranted against recreational cannabis for one hour and outlined his beliefs on why the city should fight against the oppressive state government that forces people to have the right to use cannabis.

The city council is in a week-long debate on whether recreational cannabis should be on the ballot for citizens to vote on in November. Currently, it’s legal to sell recreational cannabis statewide but is not allowed in the Springs. This debate fired up Korman, who strongly opposes cannabis legalization.

“Marijuana turns people into violent criminals. It killed my cousin. He smoked it, and a week later, his plane crashed, and if that’s not enough proof, then you all are mad,” Korman said.

He passed out for five minutes during the hearing but continued his rant once he woke up.

According to fellow city council member Yolanda Pico, this isn’t the first time that Korman has entered a meeting with a bottle of Jack, and it probably won’t be the last.

“We have had several interventions for Mr. Korman, and nothing works. His wife left him last year because of his alcohol problem. There is nothing that can stop him because the 15 people who vote in Colorado Springs, continue to vote for him,” said Pico.

According to a reliable source, Korman’s wife left him for the owner of Weed Shack, which is a Cannabis retail store in Manitou. The reliable source noted that his disdain for marijuana began when his wife left him.

We asked Korman if there is a connection to his ex-wife’s new relationship and his hatred for weed.

“I don’t know what rumors the Fake News is spreading about my personal life, but it’s wrong. I guess that you all are smoking that ganja, which causes people to lie, because it’s filled with demon’s,” said Korman.

Korman ended the interview early, so he could make to his court hearing for allegedly driving under the influence last month.

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