For the love of Booth: An anniversary of Friendship

I wasn’t with Ben Mitzel and Jamal Brown the night Booth was created, but I know that it began in a booth.

This is a story that will go down in history after the nuclear holocaust, and when the dust settles, this new society will use Booth as a guide to help rebuild civilization.

The Status:

Falcon, Colorado was boring, and there was almost nothing to do most nights. Some people end up doing drugs and others drink their nights away, but not my good friends. Instead, they spent their nights lounging around at Mcdonalds or Culvers sitting in a Booth. Conversation ensued. Some were philosophical. Some were about women, Some were about the future. And the majority were probably arguments over nothing.

Little did Ben and Jamal know that on April 6th, 2020, they would change the future and make the world a better place by a simple yet elegant post by Ben.

Booth For Life

For some strange reason, several people began commenting on it, including myself. Soon the status had 1,000 comments, and they competed with a couple of losers who created another status to see who could get more comments. The status grew and was important to everyone it touched. But no one could describe it’s importance, yet everyone felt it’s magic.

Conversations shifted between philosophical bullshit, to memes, to jokes so messed up all of our future careers are possibly at stake, and more.

To me, Booth is my opening into a group of friends that I am now extremely close to, and an opening to talk to people I never would have spoken with before. I truly love every single person who has commented on this incredibly well-written status.

Currently, there are 9,000 comments and it will soon reach 10,000. It’s a community that continues to grow as more and more people learn about it. Everyone thought we were crazy at the beginning, but soon they will realize they are the crazy ones, and life is better if you just take life by the Booth.







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