The Devon Martinez Writes Podcast Sucks, but you should still check it out

Who told Devon Martinez that he could start another podcast when he can’t accomplish doing his first show consistently?

That lazy asshole thinks he can talk about writing and creativity when he lacks both. That talentless fool wouldn’t understand talent if hit him in the head.

I can personally guarantee that he’s going to fail again.

Do you remember when he promised everyone the next big site with Jefferson Youth News, but instead he just got depressed and did nothing with it? Well, I remember that. And then he had the audacity to do Threedom Movement with Jake Roberts, which was twice the failure because they failed to create content during an election year. Third-party candidates have no chance, you idiots. Why would you start something that tries to help people who are going to lose? I tried to ask them, but they were too fucking dumb to understand what I was asking. Idiots. Idiots, I tell you.

He then had the bright idea to start The Best Time To Be Alive, and yeah it sucks. The good news is for the weak. Smart people understand the complexities in life and live in the darkness. Dumb people can’t understand it so instead they just celebrate progress like monkeys before a meal. He’s sheeple. I mean who doesn’t believe that the government is currently preparing us for martial law so they can help feed the lizard people with human souls? Well, Devon Martinez doesn’t. What does that tell you?

Everything Devon does outside of school, his job (he does suck at his job) and internships is a colossal failure. He should be ashamed, but unfortunately, he doesn’t feel shame.

There’s a reason why his classmates in high school voted for him as the homecoming Jester because he’s a joke. No questions asked.

Fuck Devon Martinez!

Here’s his stupid Podcast. Don’t enjoy it, and if you do enjoy it then chances are you’re dumber then Al Gore–but at least you are still smarter then Devon Martinez.

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