During moments of panic it’s best to be creative

In times of panic, creative minds can turn society ills into something positive. The great depression produced classic literature novels like The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men. During the plague in 1606 England, Shakespeare wrote King LearMacbeth, and Antony and Cleopatra. These writers decided to produce content that would later inspire millions, instead of allowing the darkness to consume them. I think it’s time we do the same.

We need creative expression. It provides an escape from reality and allows us to open our minds up to new planes of existence. Art can change someone’s life. But according to science attempting creativity and being artistic also helps your brain.

Grant Hilary Brenner, MD explains in a Psychology Today article, that the brain has three different networks; the default network is the brain inactive mode; the executive network is where decisions and emotions originate, and the salience network helps determine what things you notice and what you don’t. According to a major theory, creativity occurs when those networks problem-solve together, which helps your brain become more creative.

Studies also show that watching someone engage in everyday creativity boosts your creativity.

Watching Bob Ross explain his art while creating it positively affects your brain. Which can mean a lot, since the majority of us are safely staying home. This is the opportune moment to be creative.

Imagine the results after the pandemic if every one just decided to pursue a creative hobby; this might lead to a more productive and happy society. Acts of creativity are humbling, and can change perspective.

Share your short story, painting, music, and more. Explore and appreciate the art made by your artist friends. This is the time to create. 2020 feels like a failed year, and the world struggles through some of the most difficult problems we have ever failed. We are only about four months in: let’s make 2020 the year of creation.

This isn’t an end-all solution, but it does help. All we need is help. All we need is a reason for hope.

Creative people of the world Unite and Take Over.

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