Real wisdom occurs when you realize you lack it

“Don’t mistake yourself for the wisdom because the wisdom is eternal. It was here before you and it will be hereafter you’re gone, and maybe if you’re fortunate you can bridge the gap, you can tap into it, you can dip your cup into it. you’re the surfer, you’re not the wave.” Jordan B. Peterson

The wisdom that Jordan Peterson describes is bigger than us. It’s the secrets behind our lives. It’s the life that no one will ever live.

Nothing will ever truly be figured out.

The mind’s curious nature and narcissistic tendencies trick us into thinking we are capable of finding out everything. It’s hard to understand, but there are some things we are not going to know by the time we die.

For most of humanity’s existence, most people didn’t have the time or ability to search for wisdom; only philosophers with money or playwrights were blessed with this opportunity. Everyone else was just trying to survive.

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know,” said Albert Einstein. I feel and understand this point of view because a new fact or truth only leads to more questions. What does this is a new fact mean? How did this happen? A person truly seeking knowledge doesn’t stop.

There’s a reason why the least intelligent people tend to be the ones who think they know everything. If you’re around a know it all, chances are that person is unable to see nuance, and only goes for surface-level answers.

Not knowing something means there’s an opportunity for growth—it doesn’t mean you’re dumb. You’re only dumb if you stop asking questions. Wisdom comes and goes. Sometimes a lesson is learned through trial and error. Suddenly, the knowledge and wisdom you gained only came to you because of the mistake you made.

You can only tap into wisdom for a moment. The second you think you have life understood another challenge will creep upon you forcing you to tap into it once more.

Knowing that the challenge can beat you and force you to give in isn’t an outlook of failure, but a winning formula to some of life’s greatest moments. It opens you up to new possibilities to always be hungry.

The wisdom to understand you lack wisdom is the greatest gift in life and can help all of us tap into the universe a little bit more.

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