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Silencing Alex Jones Only gives his ideas more power

Alex Jones’s entire business model has been dedicated on the idea that there is a globalist plot featuring world governmentsand corporations to silence the American people. His conspiracies dig even deeper into the idea of a global government take over called the New World Order.

He claims that our government is behind several false flag operations like 9/11 (False flags are covert operations that are designed to deceive the public). Some of his conspiracies go farther than that and are crazy no matter what you believe in.
A couple of weeks ago several of the large social media corporations like Facebook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify banned him from their platforms, because of some of the crazy things he has said.

Most notably they claimed that his claims behind the Sandy Hook massacre being a false flag was enough to go against their community guidelines, despite the fact that he made those claims years ago. Censoring him made sense to those who hated him, but there is always a consequence to censoring that authoritarians can’t grasp (yes I believe this was an authoritarian move made by insane intellectuals).

The Streisand Effect:
In 2003 The California Coastal Records Project posted an online photographic archive of the entire California coastline. This angered the famous singer and actress Barbra Streisand, because her mansion was featured in one of the pictures. She sued them claiming that the photo invaded her privacy. The shots included her cliff side Malibu mansion, and she claimed that it invaded her privacy.

The pictures did invade her privacy, and if she would have silently dealt with it then the pictures would have disappeared, but this didn’t happen.

The news media picked up on the story and began to report on it, and pictures of her house were everywhere. It became obvious that she was upset over the leaked pictures, and more people decided to view the house. In the end her attempts to hide all pictures from CCRP’s website had backfired, and she had no chance against the media, and the curious people on the internet.

Attempting to silence and hide something will end up getting more people excited and willing to look at it because our human minds are made to go to places that we are told we shouldn’t go.

The social media companies failed to learn this lesson.

Infowars is more popular than ever, because of the attempt of trying to censor Alex Jones. Just like Streisand censoring something always backfires.

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