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Where are the idiots?

Every time I’m in a room with a bunch of other people there is a scent of arrogance floating around in the room, and it doesn’t matter who I’m around. From when I worked in construction to when I worked in a restaurant; whenever I’m at school and when I helped on a political campaign. People have a tendency to claim that everyone else is stupid.
How many times have you heard your best friend and you talk about stupid people? Have you ever questioned if you were the idiot?
The truth about intelligence is that it’s more complicated. Yes, I have had customers at my past jobs do idiotic things, but some of these people were not idiots per say. Some of them just happened to do something dumb at the moment.
I have done dumb things as well while out and around, and I bet you some people have resented me as that idiot who ‘fucked’ up their workday. When in reality I just had a dumb moment. People are unforgiving for the smallest of things, and when they are around others they forget they can make the same dumb mistakes.
I love reading about economics and I do it for fun. My understanding of the subject is higher than the average person’s understanding. There are people who are way more advanced than me, and it’s because they have studied the subject longer then I have.
I don’t understand anything about fashion. I have to ask other people before I leave the door if something matches or not.
I’m not an idiot. Just like every other human, I’m not good at everything I do, and chances are you aren’t. Some people can build a house from scratch, while I hit my thumb every time I use a hammer. They may not have the same amount of time as I do to study economic theories, and I don’t have the ability to just create a desk out of wood or anything for that matter.
We are made to feel this way. To think that us and our tribe have all the answers and that everyone else without your point of view is just an idiot.
Since every person complains about the idiots out there, and I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t describe other people has dumb, then my question remains.
Where are all the idiots?

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