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Finding Truth in the Sea of Lies

Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook. This should be obvious and we all preach this belief, but do we actually live it? If one thing is for sure, people are hypocrites. We have a lot of beliefs, but we don’t always act out our beliefs.
It’s like the Pastor getting up in front of his church every Sunday warning about the Gay Agenda and then he’s caught sleeping around with a gay prostitute. Yes, this was a real story that happened at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.
Little do we all know that we are all hypocrites in some fashion. Politicians are not the only liars. The one percent is not the only group that has liars, cheaters, and hypocrites. Everyone has the ability to lie, cheat and steal. Everyone has done something wrong. Whenever you’re in a debate sometimes you will lie so your point of view can win. Or you’ll only look at a source or use a source that goes with your opinion. Here is an example where I made this mistake and was caught.

My brother’s argument:
My brother and I debated gun control around the time of the Parkland school shooting. Both of us lean right, but he believed that “Assault” weapons should be restricted for people ages 18-20 like handguns are.
My argument began with the idea that people 18-20 years old don’t commit the majority of violent gun crimes in America and that the numbers are so low that we don’t need to worry about taking away “Assault” weapons from young people.
One-third of that argument was factually correct. The amount of young people who own guns and commit violent crimes is pretty low, but young people ages 18-24 commit the majority of gun crimes. I claimed young people did not commit the majority of  gun murders with confidence even though I had never researched it just so I could win the battle.
I then made the mistake by claiming that the shooter had gotten his weapon illegally when he actually bought it from a gun store. To be fair I read an article that had made this claim. I never double checked the source to see if it was right, because the article worked with my point of view and it was supposed to help me win the debate.
My brother made some claims without proof as well, and we both went nowhere with our debate because it was really an argument to see who the winner was. We were both at fault for trying to win instead of pursuing truth.

Winning is not important:                                                                                                          Lies occur because people want to win. If people were searching for Truth then they wouldn’t force lies,  instead they would conduct research to try to debunk their own beliefs. Then they would engage in a battle of ideas with their opponent.
If you want to get yourself out of your ideological prison then the first thing you need to do is accept that everything you believe might be a lie. I still have trouble accepting this idea, because it’s not an easy idea to admit to. There are some values I have that I want to keep, but I should find reasons on why I even have these beliefs in the first place.
This might take my lifetime, but I have to be prepared to face this challenge. Since everything is “Fake News” how do you find out what is and isn’t true?
The first thing to know is that there are a lot of studies, and the facts may appear to go against each other sometimes. Facts normally go deeper and there may be more reasons for why the facts exist. Normally when a fact is brought up during a debate it is only brought up to make sure that your side wins. There are no other reasons why that is brought up. The question is rarely asked are the reasons for it to exist in the first place.
For example, there is a pay gap. It exists. That is true. Women make 77 cents to a man’s dollar on average if you take the income of both genders and then find the average. What this doesn’t take into consideration are the jobs each gender works, because some jobs pay more. Men tend to choose careers that pay more since men tend to be interested in things, and women on average are more interested in people. Men tend to work longer hours, and there are probably about 20 other factors on why the gap exists.
People who point to this disparity just point out sexism as the main cause because it helps further their argument. Sexism may be a factor. It’s undeniable to say that there aren’t sexist factors in the workplace, but to say it’s the only reason for this disparity without looking for the actual reasons why it exists is just lazy and it only plays to help your side win.

If you want to find truth in the sea of lies then don’t try to win, instead search for the truth. Question every statistic you read even if it helps you out when you’re debating a family member.


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