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My First Podcast

Hello, I have a new podcast called The Best Time To Be Alive, because going against the Mainstream Media and talking heads from both sides who want to play this fantasy that the world has gotten worse, well it’s a lie. Things are getting better. In my first podcast which is down on the link below, I talk about some of these things as well as the problems this country faces. We are not perfect. Far from it, but there’s a lot of hope. It’s hard to be optimistic especially since we are programmed to focus on the negative. It’s in our biology, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rationalize and find the truth with enlightenment ideals.

Things don’t get magically better. There is a reason why a lot of things have improved, while simultaneously it feels like the countries moving in the wrong direction in other areas, and in some ways we are. These things can only be solved if we go through place facts and reason above our beliefs systems and search for truth.
For the first podcast in the series, I went through the different facts to prove that the world has gotten better, and I also listed some of the problems that are causing us to not move forward.

Click below to listen to the full episode.


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