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A Month without Social Media: Week 3

I’ve procrastinated everything ever since the beginning of this semester of college. Some weeks I’ll take all my time working on my online job and forget about school, but this week I’ve been able to balance everything out perfectly. I took the time to schedule my plans for the upcoming week on Sunday, and even though the week’s not over it’s obvious that everything that I planned to get done this week is going to get done on time.
I really believe that this change in work ethic and attention to detail in governing myself is due to the lack of time that I’ve spent on social media. There seems to be more reason for me to plan ahead, and prepare for the rest of the month and year. My future is more important to me than what someone is sharing an opinion from one of my college friends.
Before this break, I obviously believed that my future was more important, but to be honest I was spending too much time not confronting my future, instead I sacrificed the present to live in the present.
Every time we do something important even if it has no fun to it means that we are sacrificing the present for the future. Also known as delayed gratification. This is something that is simple to grasp, but it’s difficult to act out. College is an example of delayed gratification because you’re spending time in a classroom instead of earning money at a job. Earning more money is beneficial at the moment because it helps you pay rent at the end of the month, but the time you’re spending in college is future money. You might not see it, but it is there, you just have to survive the next 4-6-8 years depending on what your degree is to get that money that you were promised, even though it’s not guaranteed.
This is why saving money is smart, even though the money is available now, you’ll never know when the time comes when you’ll need that money again. So, pray that it’s not soon because if you spend it, it won’t be there.
Basic concepts, but failure to recognize these concepts is not uncommon.
With this being the last week before opening up my Facebook, and Twitter apps I am already planning my next plight on what my social media use is actually going to be about this time. How can I use social media to my advantage to advance my career? Is the question I’m asking! What sort of plan do I need to achieve my goal?
Social media is a tool that can be used to positively affect your life, and it can be a destructive force that stops you from sleeping, I plan on using it to positively affect my life, instead of the latter.

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