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A Month Without Social Media: Week 2

If there was a way to show the neurons in my brain then you would definitely see a more focused mind.
To be honest last week I was all over the place with the things I was doing, but by Sunday, April 1st I had my goals and ideas ready for the next weekend.
I have already planned everything that I need to do for the next month in a half. Why? Because I need to. What I’ve found out is that whenever someone reaches a point where there is too much on their mind and too much information entering their brain they begin to focus on things that are not important, instead of what’s right in front of them, and it’s fair to say that I was guilty of that.
I was searching to find solutions to problems that I have no idea how to solve. I am 22 years old. I haven’t completed college at this point, which means that I have a lot more on my plate that I should be focusing on instead of a social media site.
Family: Going on social media can be a great way to talk and stay in touch with family members, but you know what keeps a family together more than social media? Actually, getting out there to see them. So, now that I am out of this social media prison. I’ve begun to take time to plan when I can see family that I don’t get to see that often.
I have more time to be around the people around me, and to think about them instead of a dumb argument that is occurring on Facebook.
This was my laziest week in months, not because I wanted it to be, but because I tried to get more sleep. I felt sleep deprived, and I honestly think it’s because my body and my eyes didn’t have a screen in its face right before I went to sleep.
I am now focused and prepared to tackle the work I have to finish by the end of the semester. I am more confident going into week three, of where my life can go if I continue to focus on the future.

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