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A Month Without Social Media: Week 1

I Did this Social Media Experiment in March and April: 

This is a 1st world article about a 1st world problem. Some people see this as a negative thing. That the problems in the west are nothing compared to people in poorer countries who are just trying to survive. To me, this is a beautiful thing to see people worried about the effects of social media, because if going on Facebook too much is one of the worst problems in your life then you’re doing pretty good.

I am a political junkie, and because of that moving away from Facebook and Twitter was difficult, especially, because every time I open up my laptop to just go and do something else the main MSN page pops up, and there are political and social commentary articles that are available to look at with just a click of a button. I will admit I’ve clicked on a couple of the articles, especially the Rosanne premier one; I was not a fan of the show growing up, but it is amazing to see a show that deals with the divide over Trump; the writers and actors worked it out in a way that humanizes both sides. (This was before the Rosanne controversy. The article was on an episode where the Trump supporting Rosanne and her liberal family in the TV Show settled some of their differences)
Now that we are done with the political BS that makes these kinds of articles fun, it’s now time to go through what this weeks been like.
Once I changed my browser to Google Chrome, life became easier, because it felt like a blank slate for me so I could empty my mind from the news and the rest of the world. The entire web was mine for the taking. For the first time I was in control. I could search anything and not be distracted by social media. As a college student, this helped me clear my mind when researching for a couple of projects.
In a lot of ways, I’ve actually lost a lot of my interest in a couple of political topics, instead of focusing on the seriousness of a couple of different topics I am seeing some of the comedic elements of it all more than anything else. Life is serious, and sometimes extremely depressing, and if we don’t let ourselves laugh at terrible situations, then life will just slowly kill us more.                                                                                                         Politics is still on my mind but escaping the prison of social media has actually helped me see the holes in a lot of arguments, and even some of my own arguments. My degree right now is political science, and it’s something that I want to be involved with for the rest of my life, but in this polarized era of the modern age, it’s becoming harder to desire to be apart of anything. Now I completely understand that position and it’s only been a week.
My social life:                                                                                                                                   One of the worst things you can do when having a conversation is to look down at your phone while the other person is trying to make a point. Well, I am not going to lie; I have been that guy before, and the weeks prior to this I was actually turning into this guy more and more no matter who I was talking to.
I will never fully understand women, but I do understand one thing about women; they like to be listened to. They love men who will listen to their problems, so no girl wants to be with a guy who constantly feels the need to look down at his phone. As a male it is a great feeling to be able to talk to a girl who is as interested in me as I am in them, and if they were to look down at their phone during this conversation I would definitely feel ignored, so why would I want to do that to her?
The fact is I’ve actually hung out with more people in week 1, and I’ve had more genuine conversations with people about all sorts of topics. I’ve debated with my friend’s girlfriend, and one of my friends if there are any objective moral truths.
I’m not dreading week 2, I’m actually looking forward to this, and it’s not hard to get off your damn phone (unless you’re reading this through your phone and you found my article on Facebook, just start your month after that).

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