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Why Create This Blog?

Living in this narcissistic culture where everyone feels the need to post about their opinion or share a video about the ideas they have is sometimes a good thing, and obviously if you go on Twitter you can see the negative consequences of giving everyone a microphone. I am no exception having a microphone as led me to say a lot of dumb things, and my ego has been stroked online, because I’ve felt myself slipping into the narcissistic paradise of my own mind. The point of this blog and the point of the route I’m taking politically is an honest one. I might be wrong, but I’d rather be honest and stupid then an intelligent liar. There is nothing wrong about sharing your opinions online and using the power of the internet to fight for the ideas that you believe in. It is possible that it can turn you into a narcissistic asshole, especially if you’re in an echo chamber where everyone tells you how great you are every step of the way. (There is a chance I am a narcistic asshole, and the different websites and podcasts I’ve started are just ways to stroke my ego. I mean the name of this website is
Well, if you’re looking for a website that will be that perfect echo chamber for you, then you’re on the wrong site. This isn’t “” like the Comedian Bill Burr always mentions. Instead, this is a place meant to challenge your perceptions of reality and it’s a place for short stories that challenge the beliefs of culture and what it means to be human.
I am human just like everyone else, so this will not be a place to trash people in the public sphere or to look down on anyone, unless they are a psycho. People as bad as Hitler, Jeffery Dahmer or any other clear psycho is fair game, but politicians, athletes, actors and etc. are not going to be talked about unless they do something really evil.(Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein.)
So, let’s get down to who I am, because just like most millennial’s if I don’t begin a conversation by talking about myself, then I begin to freak out, and everything in general just goes downhill.
I am an unfocused 22-year-old, who has tried and failed doing multiple things. Why should you listen to a guy like that, you might be asking? Well, I’m not asking you to listen to any of my advice, I’m asking you to explore the world with me, and let’s try to understand something new. There are a lot of different secrets about life that are yet to be explored, and I’m willing to go down whatever road there is to get to each of them.
Now, as mentioned earlier there have been a lot of failures already in my short life. When I was 17 I attempted to start a news website called, Jefferson Youth News, and it gained little traction, I had no experience and didn’t know anything about this industry. So, after 3 years I decided to let it go, since the vision I had disappeared into the ether.
Last year I moved to Austin, Texas with a great friend of mine to go start a business. Even though I’m not going to talk about the business my friend and I tried to start, it’s obvious and I bet you guessed it… It was a failure, and it didn’t work out. It literally didn’t even get off the ground… The idea was just a bad idea.
So, I moved back to Colorado in December, to get my financial situation back together, and to reorganize my life so I can start over again, and succeed this time.
I found my calling in the process. I love learning. I want to learn more and discover the endless truths that still need to be discovered. The only way to tackle and make my way towards this is through, you guessed it… Academia. Yes, I want to become a teacher and journalist. So I can help out college students who didn’t know what to do just like a couple of amazing professors helped me. Also, so I could continue my journey of writing, and continue to search for truth using a platform.
There was only one problem in my plan, there was nothing involving my entrepreneur side of me that obviously exists to go full circle.
So, here it is, here is the entrepreneur in me that has always existed and will always exist on another platform, but this time it’s going to succeed.
The ideas developing in my mind are not fixed. If I learn something new and it goes against my beliefs, then my beliefs are what needs to change. I can’t change the facts. I can’t change what’s true, even though I want to. The facts are more important to me, and the idea of being part of the solution, and not being the problem is what drives to go through with this blog.
The short stories that I’m writing are stories that mean a lot to me, and I hope will help others to think about the kind of world we live in and the kind of world we can create.
The truth scares everyone, and this website is meant to hold the truth. There isn’t anything that’s sacred, and every conversation deserves to be heard.
I can promise you one thing Devon Martinez Writes is not going to be afraid of any conversation because I want every conversation to happen.
Are you ready to exit your echo chamber?

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