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Austin, Texas: A Love Story

“Don’t mistake yourself for the wisdom because the wisdom is eternal. It was here before you and it will be here after you’re gone, and maybe if you’re fortunate you can bridge the gap, you can tap into it, you can dip your cup into it. you’re the surfer, you’re not the wave.”  Jordan B. Peterson

There is a moment in everyone’s life where they are forced to make a decision to either grow up or die. The choice of dying is an easy one because it requires no thought. The problem with young men in this country overdosing on drugs and falling behind has to do with men choosing to die instead of growing.
It’s simple if you’re not searching for something greater than your self then you’re going to face the consequences. According to Professor Peterson these consequences are deadly. I was on my path to becoming a walker, and someone who wouldn’t and will never amount to anything. This was my future, and I had to find a reason for my existence in order for me to grow.
The Young Man Problem:
There is a reason why Professor Jordan Peterson has become such a powerful voice for young men, and it’s because responsibility and taking control of your own life is popular among people struggling to find out who they are in this world.
We need something that is bigger than ourselves in order for us to take in the responsibility and the suffering that is life. Humans need purpose. The purpose of a lot of men in my family before me wasn’t a career that they loved. There wasn’t something that they were passionate about that got them out of bed each morning. Instead, what got them up was feeding their families, and providing a life to their kids that they didn’t receive. I failed to understand how important that kind of meaning can become, because there is something about being able to take care of yourself.
This has been true for the majority of people before this generation. Not everyone went to college the majority of people left high school and learned a trade and then used that knowledge to excel at their job.
The idea of not going to college was considered to be a crazy proposition in high school. Counselors who took their job to seriously told every person that came through that door that going to a university is the best option for everyone at the school. Getting a job and learning a trade was old-fashioned.
So, the majority of people left high school and went straight to college. The minority joined the military, and some people decided to just learn a trade and enter the job market doing something that they never envisioned themselves doing just like their parents before them.
Every person was told to follow their dreams, and to major in something that would help them achieve that, but the problem was that the majority of people going weren’t actually interested in the things there were told to major in.
Spending four years in a university doesn’t teach you much unless you know what you’re doing there and you have a plan afterward. Going and learning a trade or just getting a job after school teaches you a lot if you’re willing to learn, and you don’t have to have a plan, because you’ll have your rent paid for, because of the work you’re doing.
My Time in Austin:
The reason why Austin, Texas is a city that I both love and hate, is because I went there trying to accomplish a dream, and I planned my future to be something that I wasn’t ready for it to be. When my dream failed, and I was stuck there with nothing else to do, the only thing that kept me going was the job I had to wake up to so I can provide for myself.
That is a great satisfaction that can’t be bought or sold anywhere else. My life went on, and I began to develop my plan on how I can stay self-sufficient, and also my plan to grow and focus on a career.
I now have a reason and plan and a purpose for going to college, and I plan to use my degree to better myself in every single way possible. So, with this extended knowledge and more I now believe it is possible for me to do both. I’ve learned a couple of different trades and have the option to sustain myself as I make my way through college, and to also use my degree in a way that ensures that I don’t end up being like the other millions of men in this country walking around without a purpose and fulfilling that purpose with a needle in my arm or other substances.
Austin, Texas kicked my ass, but in the long run, the benefits of moving there out way all of the negatives, and I wouldn’t change anything if I could.

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